10 Myths About Mediation Attorney 

Apr 04, 2018

Mediation Attorney 

A Useful Analysis Of Effective Systems

Many in the legal profession describe this process of going back and forth from one room to another as a form of “shuttle diplomacy.” The mediator, of course, will begin the process by speaking with the plaintiff. Then, he will shuttle back and forth with each party discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each side. As he moves along with the process, the goal of the mediator is to push the plaintiff’s demand down and, at the same time, to increase the defendant’s offer until a mutually acceptable middle ground is reached between the two parties. C. WHAT ARE THE FACTORS THAT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED IN SELECTING A MEDIATOR TO RESOLVE MY LEGAL ISSUE? Suffice to say, selecting the right mediator can make the difference between a successful mediation and one where the parties leave more frustrated and hardened in their legal positions than they were before the mediation started. Several key factors go into selecting whether mediation is right for your case as well as selecting the right mediator and they are as follows: Whoever is selected as a potential mediator has to, as a condition prerequisite, have the requisite knowledge of the subject matter of the mediation. That said if you have a contract litigation matter or business dispute you will select a mediator whose background is fitting for your particular dispute. To this end, many mediation services exist in larger metropolitan areas, such as Boston, and have a variety of attorneys and former judges as panelists. These private mediation services provide the parties with the resumes of each of the panelists.

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